Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Notes

Apollo takes Realogy Private in $9 Billion Deal (Globe St) - as the real estate news site first reported months ago, the merger is official and should be completed within 2 weeks.

CIT Filed $275mm IPO (Forbes / AP) - Care Investment Trust (NYSE: CIT) filed their IPO yesterday as a public REIT. CIT shares dipped...

Yanks (Lehman) Take Current American Real Estate Buying Aggression to Paris (NYO) - In the largest single-asset real estate transaction in European history, Lehman takes down Coeur Defense for $2.8 billion.

S&P Downgrades 6 Classes of Condo CMBS (CRE/IPG) - 6 classes of a Credit Suisse CMBS transaction were downgraded by S&P today (some significantly) as the condos, concentrated in Florida and New York, aren't selling as fast as hoped for. Surprising, given the high quality and track record of the developers and investors involved in the conversions mentioned.

Simon Almost Done with $7.9 Billion Mills Acquisition (also CRE/IPG) - According to the article linked, the deal should be complete "within days".

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